Small Business Accountants Melbourne

Chart a new course with an accountant who cares about your business success

Small Business Accountants Melbourne

At Navigator Small Buisness Accountants Melbourne, we care about you and your business. We expertly guide you through smooth sailing as well as rocky financial waters. We help you manage your finances, minimise tax and nurture your wealth.

We are hands on, proactive and full of great advice (without all the jargon that makes your eyes glaze over and the sudden urge to take a nap).

We are completely satisfied with the services Rohan Wills of Navigator Accountants provides. We always find him to be thoroughly professional but also helpful, friendly and approachable. We never have any reservations about seeking his advice and he is unfailingly patient making sure we understand issues.

Errol & Diana Nunn

Middlemost Pty Ltd

Wonderful Service!

Stephen Lucas

Kingston Lawyers Pty Ltd

I appreciate your quick response to our requests and the information regarding tax and other financial items.

Roland Johnson

Moonlit Sanctuary

Kerr’s Pest Control has found the service provided by Navigator to be outstanding.

Calvin Kerr

Kerr's Pest Control

You do a fantastic job Rohan, you are very helpful and easy to talk to. Thanks for many years of excellent service. I’d happily recommend you on to anyone in need of a good accountant. I have found you very trustworthy and efficient.

Brea Miller

Brea's Soap n' Spa

The service and advice provided to us has once again been excellent. The staff are always friendly and extremely helpful.

Diane Jones

Paradise Doors & Drapes

Remarkably Different

When was the last time your accountant called you out of the blue with an idea to improve your business?

When did your accountant talk you through your financial results rather than simply sending reams of paper and expecting you to know what they meant?

When did your accountant get back to you in hours rather than days or weeks (…or months)?

When were you treated as if you mattered and not as if you were being pushed through a financial version of a sausage factory?

Navigator Accountants are remarkably different to many small business accountants. We believe in talking things through, building understanding and sharing our expertise with our clients.  

"We are the accounting equivalent of marriage, not Tinder."

We know that small business isn’t always easy. There are ups (hopefully lots of them) and downs (with any luck not too many), and we will be right there with you to help you navigate them.  

We are not horrifyingly expensive or watch the clock when we talk.  And we are not budget brand accountants with no-frills and no service, who take shortcuts with your business compliance that you only discover when you are hit with an audit or a nasty ATO bill. Our fees are straightforward, honest and realistic. A bit like our advice really!  

We are known for calling you with great ideas for your business, returning your calls and answering your questions, and we don’t sit on your paperwork for months at a time.

How Can We Help You?

Who Do We Work With?

We specialise in the unique business challenges of tradies, professional services businesses, importers and wholesalers and entrepreneurs. We know what we are brilliant at, and we stick to it, and we are backed by a strong network of allied professionals who are experts in their field to give you complete service and support.