Next Stop – Retirement!

Helping You Achieve a Comfortable Retirement

SMSF Accountants with No Hidden Agendas

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMFS’s) can deliver you greater flexibility and control over your retirement savings, which is why they are one of the fastest growing investment options on the market.

However, let’s put this on the table up front. SMSF’s are NOT for every small business owner. They are not a set and forget retirement planning option, and require care and attention to deliver the best results.

There’s also a mountain of legal compliance requirements you must meet each year. Whilst at times some of it may seem pedantic unfortunately failing to comply with the requirements can come at a huge cost.

That’s why we work with you to explain clearly, without hype, and without pushing any products, what SMSF’s are and what you need to do.

We give you the unvarnished facts and help you work out if they are the best option for you. We will even try and talk you out of one if we believe it is the wrong thing for you to do for your long-term wealth and lifestyle!

If you do decide to set up your SMSF, we are there with you every step of the way. We help you set it up correctly, and with the maximum tax benefits to you. We help you administer it on a day-to-day basis, and we help you close it down when you head off into retirement.

Super & Tax Are a Marriage Made in Heaven

One client wanted to save for their retirement, as well as minimise their tax. We helped them set up an SMSF and implement some smart superannuation strategies, which ended up saving them $34,114 income tax per annum.

SMSF Accounting Services

SMSF’s require close attention to detail, ongoing focus and close compliance with the law. We help you establish and administer your SMSF for maximum returns.

  • SMSF Establishment & Registration – Setting up and registering your SMSF requires a mountain of documents to be prepared and lodged. We turn your mountain into a molehill for you.
  • SMSF Administration – We take care of all the paper warfare for your SMSF. Meeting minutes, asset lists, financial statements and all the other bits that go into making your SMSF legally compliant.
  • SMSF Investment Strategies – We can connect you with investment advisors who can help you determine the best strategies to help you manage your SMSF investments.
  • Contribution Management – What, how much, and when should you add contributions for maximum financial benefit? We can help you work out the right strategy.
  • SMSF Tax Returns – Prepare and lodge your SMSF tax returns to the ATO to keep your compliance all ship shape.
    Transition to Retirement Strategies – When retirement nears, we can help you plan the transition, so costs are minimised, and your nest egg maximised.
  • Pension & Benefit Advice – Want to know what options and benefits you may be entitled to in addition to your Super? We can help.
  • SMSF Audits – We can arrange for the mandatory external audits of your SMSF to ensure compliance requirements are met.
  • Winding Up Your SMSF – Heading off into retirement is not as simple as throwing a party and booking a long vacation. There is paperwork that needs to happen to correctly wind up your SMSF so you can reap the rewards of your hard work.
  • Estate Planning – You have worked hard to build your wealth and want it to pass to the next generation with minimal tax. We can help you direct it to your intended beneficiaries with the least amount of tax possible.


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