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Keeping the ATO happy

Australian tax laws are complex and constantly changing. We help you stay in the good books with the ATO with accurate tax compliance, along with helping you keep your finances in great order with strategic tax planning.

While we want you to pay loads of tax, because that means you are earning massive profits, we also want to help you not to pay any unnecessary taxes, and to ensure every possible legal tax minimisation strategy is in place for you.

Clever Tax Strategy

As part of a restructuring and tax minimisation strategy, one of our clients wanted to transfer their business premises to their Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Through clever tax strategies, we saved him $284,200 in capital gains tax during the transfer. That meant his retirement fund was that much better off and a wealthy retirement many years closer!

Tax Accounting Services

Tax compliance is not an exciting topic for most businesses. We help you stay on top of your compliance requirements and minimise what you must legally pay.

  • GST & BAS – We help you set up and manage your GST gathering, BAS reporting and payments.
  • PAYG – Have team members? We help you manage your PAYG obligations.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) – Is that lunch claimable? Should I buy that car personally or in my business? We help you understand what FBT means and what you need to do to save money.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – Likely to make a profit on the sale of a property? We help you manage your CGT obligations.
  • Payroll Tax and Stamp Duty – States all have their own quirky taxes that need to be paid. We help you work out what, where, when and why.
  • Tax Minimisation – Our tax minimisation strategies are 100% legal, ethical, moral and gluten free.
  • Tax Returns – We take care of the tax returns for your business and any Directors. (Company, Partnership, Trust, Sole Traders & Directors)
  • Small Business Concessions – Small business is eligible for certain tax breaks. Are you getting what you are entitled to?
  • Financial Statements – We prepare financial statements for your business that are accurate, legally compliant and meaningful.
  • ATO & ASIC Lodgements – We take care of lodging and chasing up paper warfare with the ATO and ASIC on your behalf.
  • Tax Audits & Audit Insurance – No one loves an ATO Audit. We help you make it as painless as possible and represent you before the ATO if needed.
  • ATO Disputes – Sometimes the ATO may disagree with something you have claimed. We go in to bat for you with the ATO.


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