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Navigator Accountants are experienced small business accountants, who can help you from your very first customer, through to retiring from the business.

Here are just some of the small business accounting services we offer :

Buying or Starting a Business

When you have a great new business idea, or are thinking of buying an existing business or franchise, it pays to get an experienced accountant check it over for you, so you can avoid the pitfalls and get set up the right way from day one.

  • Business Planning - We help you create a realistic business plan to help you seek funding and to guide your early years in your business.
  • Due Diligence - Is the business you are buying all it's cracked up to be? Navigator Accountants, Melbourne, help you get a true picture of the anticipated income and expenditure of your future business, and will help make sure you are getting what you paid for.
  • Setting up Compliance Systems - Save costly mistakes by getting your compliance systems and processes set up correctly.
Managing & Growing Your Business

Once you are open for business, or when it's time to grow, Navigator Accountants, Melbourne can help build on your great foundations.

  • Budgeting & Cashflow - We can help you work out down-to-earth budgets and cashflow forecasts to help you manage the financial peaks and troughs that managing a business can bring.
  • Profitability - Do you have money tied up in the wrong sort of inventory or other profitability leaks? Navigator Accountants can help you find and plug those leaks on your profits. We are experienced tax planners, with skills to help you minimise tax and maximise your returns.
  • Compliance - Navigator Accountants offer full tax agent services, and BAS agent services. We ensure solid tax compliance and support including preparation of BAS, company and tax returns and advice on payment of tax obligations including GST, Fringe Benefits, Payroll tax and Workcover obligations.
  • Planning for Growth - As many businesses go broke from uncontrolled growth as they do from too little growth. Planning your growth is key to ongoing profitability.
  • Acquisitions & Mergers - If you are thinking of acquiring another business, or merging with an existing business, you need someone to protect your interests and make sure all of the details are effectively dealt with.
Protecting Your Assets

You have worked too hard to lose your assets to misfortune. Navigator Accountants, Melbourne help you protect your hard work.

  • Business Structuring - Should you be a sole trader, partnership, trust or company? Navigator Accountants help you determine the structure that will give you the greatest protection while maximising your returns.
  • Risk Management - Could your business withstand a natural disaster, computer hack or malfunction, employee fraud or other major problem? Navigator Accountants help you identify and mitigate key risks to your business.
  • Valuations - Is your business worth more or less than you think it is? Navigator Accountants prepare business valuations for purposes including KPIs, funding or succession planning, and can give you simple strategies that will improve the value of your business.
  • Superannuation - What is the most effective form of superannuation for your needs? Navigator Accountants help you navigate the superannuation waters, giving you clear pros and cons of self-managed superannuation vs. one of the existing superannuation funds.
  • Estate Planning - Navigator Accountants can help you plan what will happen to your business and other assets after your death.
Exiting Your Business

When a new opportunity beckons, or you are looking at retirement, Navigator Accountants, Melbourne can help you exit your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

  • Succession Planning - Navigator Accountants can assist you with family business succession planning and general succession planning to help plan for a smooth transition.
  • Winding-Up Your Business - If you choose not to continue trading, Navigator Accountants can help you meet your compliance needs and wind-up your business for the best possible outcomes.
  • Retirement & Exit Strategies - Navigator Accountants can help you plan your retirement and exit strategies from your business for maximum financial benefit.
Other Business Services

At Navigator Accountants, we specialise in small business accounting. We don't try to be all things to all people - we know what we are brilliant at and stick to it!

This is why we recognise the power of working with other specialists to get the best outcomes for our clients. We have created a great network of finance brokers and financial planners ... all with the same values, ethics and dedication to our customers. So, no matter your financial needs, either Navigator Accountants or one of our colleagues can help you.

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